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How to memorize 17?

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Congratulations, we found how to remember 17.

Mathematical formulaes

Using math formulaes is more time-consuming than other mnemonic systems, such as the major and count system, but it is much more universal and language-independant. Using the math formulaes system, we will not remember the number, but we will remember mathematical properties of the number, making it possible for us to remember the number.

  • 17 is a Cullen number. This is a number of the form 2n+1. 17 is the Cullen number for n=4. This means that 24+1=17

The Major system

The major system is one of the most powerful mnemonic methods to memorize numbers. It describes a mapping of consonants to digits. For example, the letter M maps to the digit 3, because it has 3 downstrokes; the letter "F" maps to the digit 8, because "f", when hand-written, looks like "8". Through association you can associate the words with the number. Learn the mnemonic major system.