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How to memorize 100?

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Congratulations, we found how to remember 100.

Mathematical formulaes

Using math formulaes is more time-consuming than other mnemonic systems, such as the major and count system, but it is much more universal and language-independant. Using the math formulaes system, we will not remember the number, but we will remember mathematical properties of the number, making it possible for us to remember the number.

  • 00100 is a palindrome. This means that when you write 00100 backwards, you will still read the same number (00-1-00).

The Major system

The major system is one of the most powerful mnemonic methods to memorize numbers. It describes a mapping of consonants to digits. For example, the letter M maps to the digit 3, because it has 3 downstrokes; the letter "F" maps to the digit 8, because "f", when hand-written, looks like "8". Through association you can associate the words with the number. Learn the mnemonic major system.

The Count system

The count system is one of the easiest mnemonic techniques to remember numbers. You start from an easy sentence and you count each word in the sentence. For example, the sentence "Hitch your wagon to a star" maps to the number "545214". Through association you can associate the number to the phrase. Learn the Count system.