Mnemonic to remember the phases of Mitosis

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The phases of Mitosis

Mitosis is the process by which a cell (more strictly the nucleus of a cell) divides into two. The process is wonderfully described on the following page. There are 7 phases involved in the process. They are described in the following figure.

Mitosis phases

Mnemonic to remember mitosis phases

Now, how can one remember all the 7 phases of mitosis? Does a mnemonic exist to memorize these phases? Yes, we can use the major system to remember these phases. This mnemonic is usually used to remember numbers.

We will now proof that it is sufficient to memorize the following sentence:

Wonder-bra pyramid, made in hotel kitchen

This seems odd on first sight, how can this be a mnemonic to remember the stages of mitosis? Well, after applying the mnemonic major system, the codes for the words from this sentence correspond exactly with the codes of the mitosis phases. The following figure illustrates this:

mitosis mnemonic

Let's visualise the mnemonic:

remembering mitosis phases

Good mnemonics are visual, absurd, sexy, unreal, ridiculous, funny, crazy ... So this seems definitely a good mnemonic to remember the mitosis phases.


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