The Peg System - Peg list 51 to 100 (from 1000)

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The peg system

The peg system is a well-known mnemonic technique for memorizing lists. It is based on a peg list: a list of N objects which are linked with the first N numbers (1 to N). These objects are the basis for the peg system. Next, you look at the list of things you would like to remember and for every object you make a mnemonic association with the object from the peg list.

Many times, the mnemonic major system is used to construct a peg list. I would like to share you my own peg list. It contains 1000 pegs. This is quite much. When you google, you will typically find peg lists of 10, 20 or at maximum 100 objects. So, I hope that I share valuable information. Feel free to use the contact form below for feedback.

If you look for more information, please check this step-by-step description of the peg system with a clear example.

Peg list from 51 to 100

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  51.    Old  peglist
  52.    Lion  peglist
  53.    Lama  peglist
  54.    Liar  peglist
  55.    Hello  peglist
  56.    Leg  peglist
  57.    Lake  peglist
  58.    Wolf  peglist
  59.    Loop  peglist
  60.    Goose  peglist
  61.    Goat  peglist
  62.    Gun  peglist
  63.    Game  peglist
  64.    Gray  peglist
  65.    Galaxy  peglist
  66.    Egg  peglist
  67.    Joke  peglist
  68.    Goofy  peglist
  69.    Jeep  peglist
  70.    Cheese  peglist
  71.    Cat  peglist
  72.    Knee  peglist
  73.    Coma  peglist
  74.    Car  peglist
  75.    Cola  peglist
  76.    Cage  peglist
  77.    Cake  peglist
  78.    Cafe  peglist
  79.    Chip  peglist
  80.    Fish  peglist
  81.    Fat  peglist
  82.    Fun  peglist
  83.    Fame  peglist
  84.    Fairy  peglist
  85.    Fly  peglist
  86.    Fog  peglist
  87.    Fake  peglist
  88.    FIFO  peglist
  89.    FBI  peglist
  90.    Bus  peglist
  91.    Bat  peglist
  92.    PIN  peglist
  93.    Beam  peglist
  94.    Bear  peglist
  95.    Pool  peglist
  96.    Pig  peglist
  97.    Bike  peglist
  98.    Beef  peglist
  99.    Babe  peglist
  100.    Disease  peglist

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