Memorize numbers via the Phone Spell system

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The Phone spell system explained

The phone spell system is one of the easiest mnemonic systems. It is very easy to learn and to use. It is typically less powerfull than the strong major system.

The principle is very easy. On the digits of your phone you find letters. You simple match every letter to the digit. That's it. The figure below shows the mapping.

Phone spell system

Simple phone spell example

As an example, we will transform the words Mnemonics with the phone spelling system.

  • M -> 6
  • n -> 6
  • e -> 3
  • m -> 6
  • o -> 6
  • n -> 6
  • i -> 4
  • c -> 2
  • s -> 7

So, Mnemonics will correspond with the number 663666427. When you need to remember the number 663666427, it is sufficient to memorize the word Mnemonics.

Extensive Count system example

As a second example, let's use the phone spelling system is the reverse order. Let's try to find a mnemonic to memorize the graviational constant, 6.6725 x 10-11m3kg-1s-2. We focus on the number 66725. Let's map every digit according to the phone spell system.

  • 6 -> M, N or O
  • 6 -> M, N or O
  • 7 -> P, Q, R or S
  • 2 -> A, B or C
  • 5 -> J, K or L

We need to puzzle a little bit to find an existing word... But it seems to be possible, we find the word Moral. When you need to memorize the first part of the gravitational constant 66725, it is sufficient to memorize the quote Religion is the opiate of the people. This website will help you to find phone mnemonics. Simply use the search bar and enter the number.


The phone spell system is a rather weak mnemonic. The digits 0 and 1 are, unfortunately, not used.


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