Math can help you to memorize numbers

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Mnemonics by mathematics

Remembering large numbers is not easy. Sometimes it is easier to remember the mathematical properties of the number. This system is much more universal than any word based mnemonic system, because it is language independent.

Mnemonic Maths example

As an example, suppose that we would like to remember the number 148877

This is a large numbers. Let's look it up in How to memorize 148877? We will find back the following mathematical property: 148877 is a power. It can be written as 533

Remembering this property is much easier than remembering the value.

Pros and cons using mathematical formulaes

Advantages about other mnemonic systems which are usually word based:

  • They describe the universal nature of a number.
  • Not language dependent (English, French) or not dependent of different spellings or dialects.

But there are also some disadvantages:

  • The number of numbers that have unique mathematical properties that are far easier to remember than the original number is quite small.
  • Many times you cannot reproduce the original number immediately. You first need to calculate the number based on the mathematical properties. So this method is slower.


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