The Major System for remembering numbers

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The Major system explained

The major system is one of the strongest mnemonic systems that exists to remember numbers. Even long digits can be very easy to remember if you find the right keyword. Other names for this method: phonetic number system, phonetic mnemonic system or Herigone's mnemonic system.

In the major system we take a keyword or key sentence and transform (almost) any consonant to a digit. Vowels don't count. The mapping between consonant and digit is represented in the figure below.

Remembering numbers with the major system

The major system is extremely powerful mnemonic system, because even short words can map to long digits. However, it is not always easy to find out the right keyword or key sentence. This website makes it easy for you. Simply use the search box.

Summary table

The table below summarizes the mappings between letter and number.

    digit         value    
  0   s, z
  1   t, d
  2   n
  3   m
  4   r
  5   l
  6   g, j
  7   k, c
  8   f, v
  9   p, b

Extensive major system example

As an example, we will transform the word Remember with the major system.

  • R - 4
  • e
  • m - 3
  • e
  • m - 3
  • b - 9
  • e
  • r - 4

So, Remember will correspond with the number 43394 When you need to keep in mind the number 43394, it is sufficient to think about the word Remember.

There exist many variations of the mnemonic major system. We use the typographic major system.

Remark: usually you will need do this vice versa. You want to remember a number, so you need to look for a word matching this number. This can be a very challenging job, so here will help you finding keywords.

Quick major system examples

Some quick examples using the Major system:

  • College - 7556
  • Greatest - 64101
  • Railway center - 457214
  • Manufacturing - 32871426
  • Microsoft Powerpoint - 37408194921

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I have published a peg list from 1 to 1000 mainly based on the mnemonic phonetic major system. For remembering large numbers I recommend you to enter the year number in the search bar on the top right and you'll find mnemonics to remember that number.


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